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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  November 17, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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i got my first prescription free. or click to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> reporting live that the rockets red glare over israel. more than 1divide 0 rocketsed from gaza today alone. 500 since the fighting began and killing three israeli civilians and far more israelies would be dead but for the iron dome anti-missile system provided by the united states which we saw in action back in july. iron dome has a stunning success rate shooting down 90 percent of the missiles. so it is it the palestinian in gaza who are paying the price. 46 of them are dead including 15 civilians and more than 400 wounded by israel's relentless
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and aerial and bombardment and the united states acknowledges that israel's right to defend itself. the president on the way to the far east speaking air force one with leaders from israel and egypt and turkey in a scramble to avoid further escalation of the violence. i welcome israel's counsel general and will israel invade gaza in >> the man date that the israel defense forces receive from the israeli government is remove the threat that is it a magnitude. and thousands of rockets that threaten and paralyze life in our count southerp region. the government gave a man date to remove and thatthis is not limited in time or in scope. it is it certainly a
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possibility and at this stage of the game we don't know yet. >> gaza is one of the defensest populated places. there will be more civilian casulties and don't worry about international pressure on israel. >> we enjoy legitimacy. the president of the united states expressed support in israel's right to arm itself. but we are concerned about innocent people being harmed because of the military action. and the government instructed it to minimize it as humanly possible the loss of life and damage to proper. >> i know that. and i know that israel always does that. and you have 46 dead civilians now and what about morsi, the egyptian prime minister can he
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help? >> egypt always played a constructive role and the peace treaty that we signed in egypt serves as a strat edgic anchor. we believe that israel and egypt are on the samed. hamas is bad news in the first place for the palestinian meem. and hamas cent years since israel's pull out to acquire more weapons and arms and they turned gaza instead of a blooming prospus community it is one hugamnition dump. it has to end. the way to end the conflict is bypass hamas stopping targiting israeli innocent civilians. >> i hope it is a cease fire.
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>> and the president will give a press conference about this in the morning. this is it a fox news alert. paula broadwell, the jealous mistress or emaims lit up the war. and david petraeus and was seen out this evening in dick dick walking arm and arm with her husband, general petraeus remains out of sight the day after his explosive testimony on capitol hill about the deadly event in libya. in a fox news exclusive to tell us if there is any connention between the general's personal problems and the testimony concerning benghazi. steve bowlan joins us. i appreciate you being with us so is there a connection between benghazi and the sex scandal. no. there is not. it is good to talk with you
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again. unfortunately under these circumstances n. my general contact with david petraeus, he informed me that there was no connection what so ever with his affair that ended four months ago by the way, and the white house which he had a great working relationship, benghazi or anything else for that matter. it was a poor judgment and lack of discipline on his part and he deeply regrets for many reasons. starting with his family and how much he hurt them and losing the job that he felt he loved more than anything else in professional side and working with the great group of people in the cia. nwhen did the affair start. and did it starpt as report indeed afghanistan when she
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interviewing him >> those are inaccurate reports based on my discussions with him early on when this started to break a week ago last friday. he told me it started two ask half months ago after he was the director of the cia and it ended four and halfs ago. >> during the time i was with you, guys, i never saw general petraeus alone. he always had you around him or a key aid. he had a staff and entourage. and as cia director, he wouldn't have that. and was that one of the reasons he was vulnerable as he was popaula broadwell? >> i don't know if thisit was that specific relationship. he may have had a harder time adjusting to retirement. let's face it 37 plus years since she was 18 years old
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starting with west point and end happened as a four star. i think he was down and vulnerable at that point in time and just the right circumstances or the wrong circumstances, prevailed. and he made a bad decision that he owned up and taken responsibility for it. and did what he considered to be the right thing and that was to resign from the cia. and night row he will focus on his family. >> was this a first affair or a pattern of illicit conduct that people who are huge advisors of the general was suspected. ni anded him and he told me that this was the only time he's had an affair and i suspect it would be the last time. he knows how much damage this
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did to his family and this is it something that not even he wanted to do. i think for somehow, some reason it happened. and at this point, everybody knows what happened. >> is itine remotely possible colonel brolan. that he would have altered his testimony about benghazi because someone knew about the affair and effectively black mailed him to taylor his testimony about benghazi so it would suit the obama administration? >> no, i don't think so. you have to know david pert - petraeus. he would not have done that and i would suspect if somebody tried to black mail him or influence. he would come out and let everyone know. he testified before congress numerous times. i was with him in five of those times.
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and he will tell it straight forward based on the information he had at the time. >> we know it changes over time. >> you he's finding out more in the fog of war through about the benghazi. >> i think over time more and more information becomes. i was not the testimony. or he wouldn't have told me what he said . i have to leave it there. thank you for coming out and speakingitous. eye spirited debate. and much more on general petraeus and the probe we labeled benghazi gate. with the spark cash card from capital one,
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five days before the hearing, it does legitimately raise eye brows on the timing. >> my next guest knows general petraeus and paula broadwell. and he was the general's executive officer and during the time the general commanded all of our forces in iraq. colonel professor joins us. colonel and welcome and good to so you again after all of this time. i wonder how disappointed you were when the scandal broke. ni was extremely disappoint indeed general petraeus. i never thought he would engage in this morally reprehensible contact. is it about adultery or
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something deeper and darker. >> i think it is adultery and a improper relationship he had with his bigravy. and he assures me it is not benghazi . >> given so much at stake. was this a failing in the american napolian and most decorated general eisen hour that they missed. >> he said the affair physically began when he got to the cia. he knew paula before. i went through a difficult transition when i became a civilian and you leave behind the brotherhood and sister head of the close fight and you missed soldiers and when i discussed this with him over the phone. he said that was it. he had a void in his life because of this and as a result he turned to the wrong
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person who made herself available to him to fill that void and that was paula broadwell. >> you have spoken with general petraeus. >> it is tough on him. he's obviously down and he's his worst critic and he realize said that he screwed up big time. those are his word his actions were a breach of his marital vows to holly who was loyal to him for 37 years he just feels that he let his family down and himself down and his country down. >> i never met paula broadwell, the mistress. >> was she a predator in >> i didn't see her as such. she is fairly attractive and physically fit. and sort of the ideal kind of person that general petraeus would want to take under his wing and he did that with a variety of officers and
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nothing ever came out of those. she had a agenda and writing a disoritation. and she was sitting on a gold mine of information and sold it to the highest bidder. it makes her aggressive and ambitious. but that is to be admired in people. i am not sure when she crossed the line to center a personal relationship with general petraeus which is inexcudible. she is married with two kids. >> what do you make of the love triangle and pentagon whatever it is. >> general petraeus as he had no romaptic interest in jill kelley. yeshe was a community ambassador who connenths civilians and seemed likely paula knelt threatened by jill kelley and felt the need to send her e-mails. but i think there is it more
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to that story that needs to come out. paula broadwell needs to tell her side of the story. >> did the general assure you that this has nothing to do with the benghazi probe. >> he said nothing to do with benghazi or anything else. it is it strictly my personal moral failings and nothing else. >> so just a permanent tragedy that unfortunately tragically impacts the entire nation. >> it does. >> colonel. good luck as professional and civilian lives. >> thanks, go buckings. >> our expert talked about sex, power and politics after this. ♪ ♪ 4g lte is the fastest.
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>> why wouldlet on the ladies house happen this week if it was going on fors? i thinklet fbi has a lot of questions to answer. >> a lot of people have serious doubts and misgivings about the administration's contention that the president learned after the election about the sex scandal that destroid general petraeus's career. it is congressman chaffetz out of utah. thank you for being here. why does it stick in your craw that eric holder told the president after the election was over. >> general petraeus is it the head of the cia. if there is it an investigation and the question of what he's doing in his personal life, i think that should come to the attention . president of the united states. he may choose not to do anything. but leave him in the dark is
7:22 pm
unexcusible. >> do you believe that there is it some misrepresentation going on? >> i am worry about somewhere between the fbi and department. justice. someone didn't take it to the president of the united states. and when you are the period of the central intelligence agency. that is vital something that may be compromisinglet person. i don't want to the end. but i want the president to know in the beginning. and do you worry that the fbi was overaggressive in seeking out the facts and circumstances surrounding the affair. >> it is it always a legitimate. but when you are dialing with the cia director, it is a little different than most other people and because there is it such implication for national security. a lot of questions and answers and i don't want to jump to
7:23 pm
too many. you have four dead people in the benghazi and in the hospital still tonight. >> what about congressman king's contention on friday that there was a change in the national briefing that mentioned al-qaida. and by the time susan rice went on the sunday, infamous appearances on the sunday talk shows, that was deleted from her brief. >> if that is true, mr. president, who provided that brief? what was in the information. it is not adding up and a reason why twos after the attack we still have more questions than answers. and the white house has not come clean and should come with everything they have and make it readly available. give worries to the familis and provide justice by capturing those people. nthank you. >> my next guest knows about living in constant peril. ambassador paul brimmer.
7:24 pm
former administrative of iraq. how shocked were you when you heard about the petraeus sex scandal and do you believe it had anything to do with the proibs was benghazi gate? >> i was shocked obvious lie. i worked with general petraeus when he was in iraq and i was in iraq, and the idea that he would in some fashion tailor his testimony to congress, seems to be unlikely knows the man. and so i was shocked by has personal failures but i don't fall for the idea that he tailored his testimony. >> i agree with you 100%. the man i knew would not do that. >> look, we are all human and have failings, but when you are in a position of leadership as petraeus was inlet military and civilian life. you are really called to a higher responsibility i think
7:25 pm
that is why honorably when the time came, he decided to resign. >> going back to the substantive issue of the benghazi, is it possible that the secret nature of the cia operation in benghazi complicated the administration's telling of the facts and circumstances surrounding the attack? >> yes, that is it a possibility although it seems to me by the morning of the 12th and the attack, everybody knew what happened. and even the press reported it was a secret annex. i don't know what they were protecting after that point. congress is investigating this and there will be hearings and we will hopefully resolve the question of why the after math and statements from petraeus afterwards were confusing and contradictory. you need to be willing to call a spade a spade. we have a problem with islamic
7:26 pm
extremism and we'll see it next in sir yampt and the administration is having a hard time getting out of his lips the word said islamic extremism. it is the big problem. not what happened in this particular squabblele. nambassador paul brimmer. delight. and your work with wounded stret rans is i congratulate you for it. >> intersection of sex, power and politicings, who is the prey and who is the predator? it should be dynamic and entering and provocative discussion. uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery.
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>> live from american news head quartirs. the coast guard called off the search for two workers who disappeared after a fire erupted in the gulf of mexico. searchers had scoured the region all day. the platform 25 miles off of the louisiana coast. the fire believed to have started by workers using a torch to cut a oil line. there is no reported oil leak from the wreckage. >> family necessary egypt grieve angry over a train crash that killed dozens of kindergarten students. families of 49 children killed. they have cut off road denied leaders acess to the scene of the wreck. they are using burning logs
7:31 pm
and firing automatic guns denouncing president humidity morsi. >> that's right. petraeus had an affair with the author of the biography. all in. the title of chapter five anaconda may not refer to afghanistan. >> tv specials are starting to hit about it. >> cia rocked by scandal. the leader accused of sexual misconduct and thritening e-mails and a faithful wife scorned and is america's security at risk? find out on the next jerry springer. >> before our panel debates sex, power and politics.
7:32 pm
we have the latest on the ladies involved in toppling america's napolian. >> they should not be able to profit. i don't know if you want dip dipic protection. ntampa bay socialit. the other woman in the middle of the shady au pair that brought down david petraeus and new emaims sent to tampa mayor bob buckhorn reveals. this one shortly after six o'clock a.m.. >> my kids are scare need their home back. >> these are communities where power speaks to next thing you know, you have wealthy socialites that are now, they are in the respective very haves that are close with the other power sector and that is leadership in mac del air force base. >> fred wilco served under
7:33 pm
general petraeus and lives in the tampa area. >> it is it a woman with no security clearance gets unescorted full acess . nthe work she had done in the military community certainly relationships she had developed with top level commanders here. that is not the norm. me, i have brought people through the gate at mac dill air force base on many occasions and it is it not a easy thing to do. >> relationships to get the sassy socialite to the white house three times this fall at the invitation of a midlevel white house staffer she met in tampa and convinced general john althoughlen and petraeus to send letters to her twin sister natly testifying in a custody dispute. and before her military acess was revoked. she and natly rubbed shoulders
7:34 pm
with marco rubio and former governor charlie crist. nhave you dated them in >> no. >> jill stayed in touch with general alen after leaving tampa to assume forces. ngeneral alen has to explain 20,000 pages of e-mails what the complea mrs. kelley. some were sexual in nature while the exact nature much her relationship with general alen and petraeus is in dispute, the emerge scandal froze gym alen as supreme allied commander. nis it a celebrity status that makes them susceptible to the inappropriate behavior. >> you have been to deployed areas abroad. people disengage from home here in the united states, and go to deployed, it is it a
7:35 pm
parallel reality and everything switches off. >> a lot of them are men who are of a certain age and that may be in the early 50s to early 60s, and they are vulnerable and suspept able like all men. npest pet and allen. are the latest to get snag in a scandal. one other case is jeffrey sin clar. >> air born commander and having untoward sexual relations with junior officers. you know, putting them under tremendous pressure to do all kinds of unbecoming things. >> how it will this affect morale. >> convincing young treepers that are 18-19 years old horr moans. and they are male and female together in many circumstances and they look to the senior
7:36 pm
officers this is it what they see. it makes everybody's job a lot harder. nand i am shocked that there is not more of this given the sexual integration. nthey are everywhere. and something that frank points out. over 5550 generals and this is one percent of the, of the fighting force and of the leaders. it is it a snaul percentage. our paul sin clar is in a jam. >> not only the three-year affair but coercing lower officers to send nude photos. nbut what is interesting. his wife rebecca is defending him. and he wrote something in the washington poist saying while she admits to the affair. and a lot of the charges are trumped up and points to the difficulty of military families in the 10-year long war. >> just point out to the fact
7:37 pm
that general petraeus swears to his best friends he did not start the affair with paula broadwell but only here. andip am starting to think that jill kelley didn't have a romantic affair with pit pet. but i am not sure about general allen. >> you don't know what is in the pages of e-mail. >> it is sexualry explicit it is it triple x. and now the panel on sex and power and why men like like allen did anything risking for a little on the side with our dear friend dr. victoria wilson owner of the new jersey and she's sitting along side laura mcdonald and new york based marriage counselor and in los angeles by dr. ava cadel. founder and professor of lovology university.
7:38 pm
and doctor, why do men risk everything for a little bit on the side? >> well, powerful men risk everything for a little on the side because they do have larger than normal egoes. they have a sense of entitlement and they know that their jobs are an appredisiac to lots of willing volunteers, of course. and so it is it very hard for them to basically resist the temptation. nhard for the men to resist the temptation . nit is it harder for a man to resist temptation because we are not monogamous by nature and men go back to cave men era where they plant the seed in many plices. and they are having the urges of the spherm competition.
7:39 pm
ndo you found that to be victoria. >> it is. high testosterone. and opportunity and availability of the women. some min don't get the opportunity and narrcystic. and this is it a form of stress management. nand what about cruel humor about comparing paula to mrs. petraeus etset rampt is it pure biiology at work laura. biology in play there, too? >> i continuing depends on the individual. you can't generalize all men in power cheat. >> that's a good question. i hate to interrupt you. do more men in power chat than regular old guys. ? no. it is just in the woman spot light. women cheat as much but hide it more.
7:40 pm
>> would she pick an a-type personality or go with the pool boy? >> it depends on her physical attraction and who the person is. it is not like i feel you can general be more inclined to cheat. it is it a possibility. and have interest in you. >> i thinklet risk taking. a lot of the men in power have a risk taking personality trait which for the load of impulse control. andine though many men want to cheat. those with lower inhibition are more likely to take a chance when it presents itself. >> and you know, here is it paula broadwell, she is a bigraver - bigrapper of general petraeus. >> that is it interesting. he want to put in his story. >> that is. and much more with our ladies
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and gentlemen. and libitarian fire brand ron paul retiring from congress and as you will see not going quietly. we'll be right back. . [ male announcer ] with 160 more miles per tank, the distances aren't getting shorter. ♪ the trucks are going farther. the new 2013 ram 1500. ♪ with the best-in-class fuel economy. engineered to move heaven and earth. ♪ guts. glory. ram.
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♪ then 5-hour energy will help you go. ♪ ♪ so buy a bottle of pink lemonade and ♪ ♪ you can help fight breast cancer today. ♪ >> after i have had sex i was brown blown. >> but continuing to have sex and an affair. why can't you guys stop it and
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hold yourself. >> i don't everything i see. >> continuing sex, power and politics with victoria wilson and marriage counselor laura mcdonald. and eva cadel and craig is here, too is it all about risk taking? i have known him for three years . and i was impressed. he balanced the risk with the reward carefully. it is it you way more reckless than anything i had seen him do. i did a survey on cheating for a book i wrote and i discovered most men cheat because they think they can get away with it and that risk gives them such a thrill and
7:46 pm
adrenalin rush they don't think about the consequences. some are the biggest chatter by the way. they justify cheating because they were wanting the kind of sex they were not getting at home. why are we so fascinated with the sexual aspects of the story. it is it a profound national security importance and we are talking about the way he did jill an paula. >> the whole thing. if there may be powerful men but they are fallible human beings like the rest of us and we can relate to that and it fascinates us. >> they are more human and revealed just like us? >> exactly. they are no longer powerful strong men above the law. they are just like us and have
7:47 pm
the same urges and mistakes. >> we heard bill clinton had his office affair with the young intern who was a child. his risk was crazy risk. and i guess david petraeus was also as the director of the central inteleagency for goodness sakes. is the appeal so strong it doesn't matter you risk even the presidency of the united states. historic important and significant post and risked that for a piece on the side. >> if you are not thinking it through, yeah. >> is it true that men. i speak now knowing and you know, i know that i am a decade clean and sober now. and i am trying to forget what happened before. but to throw everything away potentially for a little nooky in nit is depending if you get
7:48 pm
the urge and go for it but there are consequences. >> who power is the approdizziac. >> he controlled himself for 38 years. >> i absolutely believe that. when he tells trusted people like the colonel who were on earlier that this is the first time, i feel sorry for him that you know, i do feel sorry for him. he was a wonderful general and a wonderful director of the cia, and should america evolve enough or have we evolved enough and welcome him back toto public life? >> monogamy is a very high and difficult standard for humankind. >> even for general david petraeus. >> even for the powerful and strong ones. >> i thank you both. laura and victoria. and craig. thank you.
7:49 pm
nand is gas price gouging getting a bad rap? ron paul thinks so and congressman ron paul came up next and he just retired and already made his fair well if you think running a restaurant is hard, try running four. fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase.
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address . >> new jersey had tough price gouging law and we have it to insure that profiteers will not take advantage of people at vulnerable time. those displaced from their homes and limited resources and those who desperately seek out fuel and shelter and basic necessities. >> after a distingished career in congress.
7:53 pm
ron paul decide to hang up the legislative spurs and return to texas. as you might expect feisty dr. paul is not going quietly and the congressman joins us from the russell rotunda in washington. delighted to have you with us. i want to talk about price gouging and gas prices and things you have on your mind in the wake of hurricane sandy. i would be remiss if i didn't and you about the scandal being called benghazi gate by many, do you think first of all that there really is it a scandal there or do you think that this will sort itself out? >> well, it may sort itself out. but the real scandal is how we get ourselves involved in messes like this and get our people in danger spots. here we first help people who didn't like their dictator and we get permission from others to bomb their country and put
7:54 pm
them in charge and they may have turned against our people and killed our ambassador, and i think that we get ourselves in thyself messes that we shouldn't. >> are you disappointed in general petraeus. ni am more disappointed in our policies that allow us to get in these predictaments and people die over it that bothers me the most. president obama visiting new york and touring the damage from hurricane sandy and one of the things elected officials were keen on is the exploitation of the victims by their businesses and hust levers. you had an interesting take on price gouging when it comes to gasoline prices. something that virtually everyone considers abhorrent and you have a take. >> what is yours. nmy first gripe is that it is branded as gouging. under certain circumstances
7:55 pm
prices go up. prices go up to prevent it from going up is called price fixing. it was known in the roman empire and one thing that happens, if you done allow prices to go up and send out information of increased supplies. you get shortages and then you get rationing. it makes no sense at all it is so aspect-market and anti-freedom and it ruined things and delays the inevitable and why we are struggling to solve the problem of shortage. the market works. and then the marketed're will adjust for it but people out of emotion say you can't have temperature he's charging too much and gouging people. >> no, he's trying to aclefiate the problems and all of the sudden, supplies increase. >> even if it is 10 or 20 bucks a gallon. high are they go.
7:56 pm
they come in. and it is it only for a day. because people would have the supplies go up and once you freeze it below the markets. shortages expand and they are not solved and the market would deckitate who would pay $20. and if it is, member will come in and automatically have a truck full of cans with gasoline and going to sell them and all of the sudden, the price comes down it would only take 28 or 48 hours as long as you get the trucks out of the way and allow the trucks to move. >> is that why you are leaving the inability of congress to solve our problems. no, i think they have had enough of me in congress. >> at least we'll have your son to rick around. >> thru go, but treat him nicely. >> are you going to run for president? >> never had the discussion with them. but time will tell.
7:57 pm
>> so nice to talk to you congressman ron paul and engaging and thought employ. i appreciate it. >> and that's it for us tonight. stay tuned to fox news for the latest on benghazi gate. and on the escalating violence in the mideast. and israel absolutely pounding the gaza trip today president obama scheduled to give a press conference from thiland where he is flying at sen o'clock a.m. eastern time. enthe weekend and i will see you on the radio and in social media. thanks for much for watching. good night, everybody. service would yochoose, based on this chart ? don't rush into it, i'm not looking for the fastest answer. obviously verizon. okay, i have a different chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon. it's so much more than the other ones. so what if we just changed the format altogether ? isn't that the exact same thing ?
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it's pretty clear. still sticking with verizon. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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